Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kate McCann Four Years Later - On The Drugging Of Her Children

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown picked up on the bizarre ramblings of Kate McCann from her book 'madeleine'


For, in the book, Kate's explanations further lead me to doubt the McCanns' claims of innocence in the disappearance of their daughter. One simple example is the most peculiar speculation of Kate that all her children may have been drugged by Madeleine's 'abductor' both the night she went missing and the previous night. First of all, Kate, this would serve no purpose to the 'abductor' except to waste time and it would be difficult to accomplish. You must know that. So the only rational reason you are claiming the children might have been drugged would be to explain away the fact that, indeed, if it ever is proven they were, you have covered that issue by explaining you were concerned about the children's lethargy and someone else is responsible. However, the only ones likely to have given the children drugs would be you and Gerry.

Any good lawyer will tell you to SHUT UP, but, no, you keep talking, Kate, and we thank you for it.


Gerry McCann ARGUIDO Status - Introduced The Thought' The Twins May Have Been Sedated !!!

A Gerry McCann lie, he asked the British officer if the PJ had any evidence that a substance had been used on Madeleine , he did not mention the twins.


Aurguido McCann

When questioned if the twins woke while the apartment was being searched, he replies negatively. When they were taken to another apartment he does not know if they woke as he did not take them. When asked, he says that this was not normal, and can find no reason for it happening. He still thought at this moment that the twins might have been drugged by the possible abductor, even if he only mentioned this to the Police several days later. When questioned, he says he never gave his children anything to help them sleep, nor did Kate.


The First Time Drugs Were Mentioned By The McCanns May 5th 8pm 2007


They also wanted to know whether the PJ had any evidence that would suggest that the person who took Madeleine had used any substance to facilitate the abduction.


Odd question to ask an office , any evidence ? so at this point no concern for the twins and they wait 48 hours until a British Officer arrives before even suggesting 'substances' very different story in Kates book ! AND they do not ask for the twins to be checked, in fact the following morning, May 4th, the twins were back in the creche as though nothing had happened.

So the McCanns ONLY concern was evidence!